The Interchain
Trading App.

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Interchain actions in just one click

Never worry about having gas for each chain or signing multiple transaction messages again
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Manage accounts across 70+ chains and growing

Limited early access slots  ✤  Share your code to move up rankings!
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Native support for an ocean of crypto assets


Access to the full suite of ERC-20 tokens and dApps.


Integrated with all 60+ IBC-connected zones.


Support for Bitcoin's global peer-to-peer payment network coming soon.


Fully integrated access into Polygon's Proof of Stake, zkEVM, and Supernet ecosystem of assets.

BNB Smart Chain

Have full control over all of your EVM-compatible assets, including Binance's very own BNB Smart Chain

And Much More

Including support for 10+ EVMs such as Avalanche & Optimism, with Solana and other non-EVM chains coming soon

High-quality data for more informed trading decisions

Fully customizable trading interface built with the advanced trader in mind
  • Real-Time Price Quotes
  • Fastest Possible Trade Execution
  • Complete Self-Custody Of All Assets

Research. Execute. Win

Staking Management
Manage your stake for dozens of chains in one place and compound those rewards with ease.
Aggregated Trading
By aggregating liquidity from both AMM and Orderbook DEXs, Calypso delivers the best price no matter the chain.
LP Management
Manage your liquidity provisioning across different DEX's from multiple chains.
NFT Management
Buy, sell and list your NFTs in Ethereum and beyond.
Built-in Relayer
Have all your transactions relayed instantly with Calypso's built-in high-performance relayer.
Research & Data
Complete your fundamental or technical-based research with in-depth data on a wide variety of crypto-assets.