One place to manage everything cross-chain, decentrally.

Calypso is a decentralized app that allows you to use one wallet to manage your crypto and blockchain protocols across 60+ chains.


We integrate with an array of protocols.

One dashboard, to manage and research them all.

Utilizing cross-chain messaging, Calypso manages your wallets on dozens of supported chains just utilizing your Agoric wallet. In fact, when you create a Calypso wallet, you are creating dozens of wallets across blockchains Calypso supports!

Staking Management

Jumping chain to chain managing staking rewards is messy. Manage your stake for dozens of chains in one place and compound those rewards much easier!

Aggregated Trading

Liquidity is becoming very scattered across different DEX's, both AMM's and New Orderbook DEX's, cross-chain. Calypso aggregates all these DEX"s into one place for you to always get the best price no matter the chain.

LP Management

Manage your liquidity provisioning across different DEX's from different chains in one place. No more jumping wallet to wallet and chain to chain for LP management.

NFT Management

Buy, sell and list your NFT's from Stargaze to Ethereum and beyond. Stop jumping chain to chain and site to site to manage your NFT's across blockchain ecosystems.

Coming Soon

Built In Relayer

The Calypso app launches with a built in relayer so you do not have to rely on third-parties to relay for you. Plus, this allows the Calypso app to relay transactions instantly for you. Don't worry, if you would like to use a third-party relayer, you can!

Coming Soon

Research and Data

Research different chains and tokens across the interchain using decentralized data indexers and view in depth details from fundamentals to technicals to make better, informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchain is Calypso built on?

Calypso is proudly built decentrally on the Agoric blockchain!

What is the Calypso dApps store?

The Calypso dApps store is similar to a settings option to add or remove protocols and chains that you would not like to be displayed in the Dashboard & Aggregation Sections.

What do you mean by Blockchain OS?

We see Calypso, once we achieve our goal, as acting like a blockchain operating system where people can have one place to view and manage all their protocols, assets, and NFT's decentrally, aka, without having to trust a centralized entity. A place where all your dApps are!

What protocols and blockchains will Calypso support?

We plan on initially supporting all IBC enabled chains to start plus all EVM chains supported by Axelar beginning with protocols/dApps within staking management, liquidity management, aggregated trading, bridging/moving assets